Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Zabbix trapper

Zabbix is a great tool, I'm currently trying to put in place, the snmp trap management. I have followed the manual for the installation, but I have seen that the script is not complete.

For my version (1.6.2), there are some missing parameters as -z -k -o etc. You need to update the script. The recommended solution is certainly to put at the last line a "echo" and redirect the ouput to a file to see if the zabbix script is called by snmptrapd, and if the new command is well builded.

echo $ZABBIX_SENDER $ZABBIX_SERVER $ZABBIX_PORT $HOST $KEY "str" /tmp/snmpresult.txt

When you have the result in snmpresult.txt, you can modify and add the missing parameters.


The best solution came from Pierky (


Anonymous said...

Hi Gregory, thanks for your citation :) I like Zabbix too, it's a good opensource solution for NMS.

I'll post a new Zabbix script on my blog as soon as possible; it's about Cisco CB-QoS SNMP monitoring... stay tuned :)

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