Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ubuntu LAMP installation

I have discovered this distribution some years ago (Debian behind the scene) and I found it very useful for server installation (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS).

  • Try to use always sudo, it is more secure
  • First thing to do, comment the lines concerning the Unbuntu CD-ROM, and then run sudo apt-get update
  • Upgrade the packages to the lastest versions with sudo apt-get upgrade
  • Download all your packages into /usr/local/src. It is a more professionnal approach and if you need something or if you want to recompile some packages.
  • Don't forget to change the MySQL password : mysqladmin -uroot -p password 'somepassword'
  • Webmin installation : if you install the .deb package with dpkg -i, you will encountered some errors.
    You cand fix the problem, you need to activate the "universe" mode of the Ubuntu distribution (/etc/apt/sources.list).
    Then run sudo
    apt-get update, and try to sudo apt-get -f install.
  • Run sudo apt-get install build-essential. In may cases, you need always some tools to compile the sources.
  • Install PhpMyAdmin to manage your SQL server, this tool is fantastic (sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin)
  • To uncompress tar.gz file, sudo tar xvfz package.tar.gz in /usr/local/src

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